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Imeglimin, Poxel's most advanced drug candidate, is in Phase II clinical development for Type 2 diabetes and has already achieved proof-of-concept in two Phase IIa trials.

This innovative compound is the first in a new, tetrahydrotriazine-containing class of oral antidiabetic agents called "glimins". It decreases mitcohondrial respiration.

Imeglimin has a distinct mode of action compared to existing treatments for Type 2 diabetes, targeting the key defects associated with all three organs implicated in the disease. Imeglimin:

  • decreases hepatic glucose production
  • increases muscle glucose uptake
  • increases pancreatic glucose-dependent insulin secretion

Imeglimin is being developed as an oral formulation and is expected to have key advantages over other products on the market with respect to efficacy and safety as well as the ability to be used in combination with other standard treatments as well as in monotherapy. In clinical studies to date, 180 healthy volunteers and 200 patients have been exposed to Imeglimin in five Phase I trials (including renal-impaired patients) and two Phase IIa trials. These studies have shown Imeglimin to have an efficacy comparable to Metformin and with a better, placebo-like safety/tolerability profile [see graph]. Its unique mode of action and very safe profile in both healthy volunteers and Type 2

diabetic patients make it potentially valuable in sensitive populations, such as the elderly and renal-impaired patients, and where existing treatments are no longer effective.

Change in FPG (mmol/L) from Baseline to End of Treatment
(Phase IIa Study)

Imeglimin: Baseline to end of treatment, change in HbA

Change in HBA1c(%) from Baseline to End of Treatment
(Phase IIa Study)

Imeglimin: Baseline to end of treatment, change in FPG

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