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AMPK activator

Poxel is advancing with a second project to develop a direct AMPK activator for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

AMPK is an enzyme that controls whole-body energy metabolism and plays an important role in the management of diabetes. Compounds that directly target AMP kinase normalize glycemia and lipid profiles by:

  • increasing glucose uptake independently of insulin
  • increasing lipid oxidation
  • decreasing glucose and lipid production, restoring energy balance

Direct, selective activation of AMPK would provide even greater benefits than indirect, non-selective activation.

Currently in the late lead-optimization phase, this project will promote the development of a new, first-in-class, orally formulated product candidate that could open up new perspectives in the treatment of diabetes, especially for patients with cardiovascular complications. Compounds being tested in this project have already demonstrated positive effects on glycemia and lipid profiles (triglycerides and cholesterol) in pathophysiological animal models.

Direct AMPK Activators Mechanism of Action

AMPK activator

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