Poxel - Pharmaceutical Company set-up to find innovative solutions for metabolic diseases management with a primary focus on type 2 diabetes


Poxel's rich pipeline of molecules in development is the fruit of extensive research and investment.

Imeglimin, the company's exciting lead compound targeting Type 2 diabetes, is in late Phase II clinical development. A direct activator of AMPK for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes has started its preclinical development, and 4 other innovative projects in the research phase target diabetes and other metabolic diseases with small molecules that have a disease-modifying mechanism of action.

Through their effects on glucose metabolism and other cardiovascular risk factors, Poxel's drug candidates offer the

potential for safer, more effective therapies for patients with Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders than currently available treatments.

Poxel current pipeline

Poxel business model

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