Poxel - Pharmaceutical Company set-up to find innovative solutions for metabolic diseases management with a primary focus on type 2 diabetes

A market ready for innovation

The large and growing Type 2 diabetes market is ripe for innovation. Although there is a wide choice of therapeutic options, including oral antidiabetics and various forms of injectable insulin, none is satisfactorily effective in a majority of cases.

Only 7% of diabetic patients currently achieve their target goals for blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Furthermore, the available drugs, including the current reference, are associated with adverse effects such as weight gain and hypoglycemia, and patients' diabetes often becomes uncontrolled because of the disease's progression over time. There is therefore a great need for safe and effective alternatives.

Poxel is developing a range of products with innovative, disease-modifying mechanism of action that hold the potential for increased efficacy and improved safety and tolerability compared to currently available therapies. Poxel's lead compound, Imeglimin, has a distinct, advantageous mode of action compared to existing treatments for Type 2 diabetes. In phase I and II trials to date, Imeglimin has been shown to have an effect comparable to Metformin and with a better, placebo-like safety/tolerability profile.

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