Poxel - Pharmaceutical Company set-up to find innovative solutions for metabolic diseases management with a primary focus on type 2 diabetes


Poxel, the diabetes drug development specialist, aims to find innovative solutions for the management of metabolic diseases

Poxel is a dynamic biopharmaceutical company developing innovative, first-in-class drugs for metabolic diseases, in particular Type 2 diabetes. Based in Lyon, France, Poxel was spun off in 2009 from Merck Serono, a leading global player in the field of metabolic disorders.

Type 2 diabetes is one of the world's major health concerns and its incidence is growing rapidly. None of the available therapeutic options is satisfactorily effective in controlling the disease in the majority of cases, and they are also associated with adverse effects such as weight gain and hypoglycemia.

Poxel's rich pipeline of first-in-class products with disease-modifying mechanisms of action offers the potential for safer, more effective therapies. The lead compound, Imeglimin, is in Phase II clinical development for Type 2 diabetes and has already achieved proof-of-concept in two Phase IIa trials, where it was found to have an efficacy comparable to Metformin and with a better, placebo-like safety/tolerability profile.

"Success of the IPO of POXEL
Almost full exercise of the extension
option - €25.0m raised on Euronext in Paris
Offer price set at €6.66 per share"

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